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The Impossible Machine
An oil lamp--yes I burn the midnight oil
Welcome to the Impossible Machine!

If you have an interest in the secrets of
symbolism, the artwork known as
"Modism", or perpetual motion, this site
may well be the best location.

My page on mysticism and symbolism
may be found at
Machina Mystika (or
click on the flashlight).

To view Modist artwork (ink and
paintings), refer to my new
Slideshow Gallery.

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Eucaleh Terrapin
artist, philosopher, poet, concept

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Mysticism, Modism, and Perpetual Motion: Great Ideas
Eucaleh Terrapin's primary web presence.
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perpetual motion site
Perpetual Motion Concepts
A key
A key
A key
Keyhole--related to the dualism of go and return
Keyhole--related to the dualism of go and return
Cog--symbolic of process

My thoughts have evolved within a sort of clockwork

Up the folded steps the figment of some shade, slipping
through the door, leading me on through the palaces of
forgotten light.

What I write is etched in these walls, as though through
some metamorphosis the arcane signs flowered equally
from stone and a restless mind.

There are artifacts here of all sizes and descriptions;
computers, alembics, music-boxes, spell books. I have
come to recognize all artifice as a form of jewelry.

Yet through them the order of shapes and distinctions, the
schematics of the universal, glints through like a witch light
on a flickery cave.

What I present here are machines, yet not machines in the
ordinary sense. I am looking beyond pragmatic function to
the machinery of meaning; not merely purpose, but the
facets of dynamism which give light and fire to life.

On one level each of the machines is art. Whether or not
mysticism or perpetual motion are practical, symbolism and
devices have an aesthetic value. If mysticism is not
transcendent, we can at least say that art transcends
between the artist and the viewer, and perpetual motion
transcends the idea of mere function.

Likewise, art inspires other artists, and in that sense is a
perpetual process that is self-sustaining within its context.
Mysticism is concerned with the eternal and as it pertains
to transcendence or the sustenance of the most elemental
and sublime, is a kind of social motion machine.

Thus what I call my Impossible Machine is in fact several
different machines, which may not yield to every demand
when considered alone, but which in the context of one
another gain a special value, which is a reassurance that
there is a common reality amongst them. This is what I call
To read more on the concept of an   
"impossible machine" read below.
Otherwise, feel free to explore the links.
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Perpetual Motion Intro & Theory
Terrapin's Poetry
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Machines played a special role during the renaissance
as a metaphor for the divine plan within which humanity
had a special role, perhaps as engineer.

The presence of clocktowers, waterwheels, windvanes,
and later trolleys, revolving doors, elevators, electronic
consoles, security systems, etc. creates the notion that
the city is in some respect a machine.

Clearly this is one of the foundations for the idea of a
machine in the Matrix movie as the digitized city within
a larger metropolis.

In Italo Calvino’s novel
Invisible Cities, the landscape is
so fantastical that we might imagine they are brought to
mind through holographs in some sort of high-minded

Clearly when the cities themselves are ideas brought to
mind through some sort of deeper mechanics, the
impossible machine is not strictly a place so much as
the flexible system of concepts through which the
special value of distinct objects is recognized.

The currency of such a system is metaphorical; by
comparing unlike things it is possible to bridge the gap
between the possible and impossible, through a kind of
alchemical thought.

Functional machines become metaphors for functional

Functional ideas become systems forming theories.

Theories in turn create metaphorical machines, related
to the notion of thought experiments, "attributes" of
gods, and eternal logic.

When metaphorical machines are functional we find a
true paradox, an archetype exercising in a material
agora. In this way the actions of mind become more
apparent, tangible, and operative.

Needless to say, symbols are operating here on every

The spiritual quest itself becomes a machine, or even a
machine that does not move.

The mind begins to form a new game every time it
makes a decision.

Like the mind, the machine only moves when it works.

Forming a working machine is then evidence of life’s
profound mechanic.

Yet the struggle for operativeness within limited means
enshackles the engineer to a life that is spiritually self-

Longing for something beyond a machine that is itself
perhaps impossible, the engineer finds a logic in things
outwardly irrational: the categorical relation between
things assumed distinct.

Yet, whether or not the man is free, he has cloistered
himself amongst so many mechanations, so that at the
very least he feels they belong in his garden.

Please feel free to explore the portion of the garden
that is present here.
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I have a few quotes rendered as graphics,
relating to life, philosophy, and eternity:
quote graphics.
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